Tonga Vacation Packages

Tonga Vacation Packages

👉Tonga Vacation Packages

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Tonga Vacation Packages

Tonga is a Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean’s tropical waters. Explore over 170 islands to find your own Tongan getaway. Discover magnificent beaches, breathtaking coral reefs, dramatic cliffs and tropical rainforest. Watch humpback whales, try game fishing or kite surfing and learn about interesting local customs at authentic Tongan villages.

Begin your Tongan adventure on Tongatapu, the archipelago’s largest island. This scenic island is skirted with remarkable coral reefs, roaring blowholes and pleasant beaches. Experience the local culture on Tongatapu and discover over a thousand years of fascinating royal history. Join a tour or rent your own watercraft to travel between islands.

Visit Vava’u, a reef collection of over 50 islands made of coral. Stop by Neiafu, the main village, to rent a yacht, kayak, surfboard or equipment for kite surfing. Dive among brightly colored corals and try your luck with a fishing reel. Join a humpback whale-watching tour between June and November.

Explore Ha’apai, an area encompassing about 60 islands, where the famous 1789 mutiny occurred on the HMS Bounty. The Lulunga islands feature a stunning landscape of untouched beaches, sheer cliff faces, interesting coral rock and lush forests of tropical fruit trees. ‘Eua is a beautifully green island covered in rainforest and hiking trails.

Choose from a range of accommodations, from simple traditional huts to upscale resorts and hotels. Relax in a hammock to enjoy the sunset or watch local people weaving baskets and tapa cloth from mulberry bark. Join a traditional Tongan feast and enjoy regional dishes and ceremonial dancing. Sample delicious fresh seafood and try a little cup of kava to experience the local drink’s soothing effects.

Tonga is located in the South Pacific and can be reached by boat or by plane to Fua’amotu Airport on Tongatapu. Rent motorbikes, scooters and bicycles or catch taxis and buses on the larger islands. Domestic flights and charter boats connect the island groups. Tonga is primarily a Christian country, so remember to dress modestly unless at the beach and to organize ahead on Sundays, as most businesses close down for the day.

Tonga Hotel Travel Guide

Welcome to Tonga

When you harness the power of Expedia to book a stay at one of our fabulous resorts, hotels, or motels in Tonga, you can have the escape of your dreams. Our easy tools make it simple for you to find specifically what you and your fellow travelers are hoping for, regardless of what degree of perks you prefer to have on hand. Whether you want to experience the country's capital city of Nuku?alofa, or would prefer to stay someplace more , you're sure to find the ideal destination for your trip. Start hunting now, and see just how easy it is to visit the country of your dreams.

Want to reserve a room at a high-end retreat in Tonga? We've got you covered. We've got a huge assortment of modest lodges too. And there are a wealth of options in the middle. It just depends on what you're in the mood for and how much you'd like to save. And as far as location, you can select a room in any part of the region you'd like. You'll locate a ton of lodging options in the busiest part of the area, as well as secluded lodges on the edge of Tonga. When you browse through Expedia's selection of rooms in Tonga, you're guaranteed to find inexpensive rates and awesome deals on any type of hotel in the region.

Quick facts about Tonga:

  • With 103,252 denizens, Tonga ranks 180th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Tonga is the Pa'anga
  • Don't forget to stop in Nuku Alofa, Fafa Island, and Eua while you're in the country

Locking down a room for your vacation doesn't need to be a challenge. Expedia helps you save you money and time when securing your reservations at any of the hotels in Tonga, so you can spend your days enjoying your trip and not worrying about emptying your wallet. So why wait another moment to book your trip to Australia - New Zealand and the South Pacific? Select your ideal travel dates now to find the best rates on stays in Tonga!

When to Visit

The weather in Tonga doesn't fluctuate that much, as it is almost always warm or hot, and humid. However, during the dry season from about May through October, it's a little less humid and a little bit cooler than the rest of the year. Because of this, the majority of the festivals in Tonga and the majority of travel there occur during this time.

What to See and Do

Once you book one of the many Tonga Hotel packages available, it's time to figure out exactly what you are going to do when you get there. Many cheap hotel deals in Tonga will actually include guided tours to some of the more popular attractions in the area. For example, some Tonga hotel deals include a tour of the Ha'amonga'a Maui. This is a large stone structure made of three very heavy pieces of limestone. Each one weighs about 30 to 40 tons, which makes its construction in the 13th century that much more significant.

Some hotels in Tonga will provide you with a tour to Hufangalupe. This is a natural-land bridge structure on the main island of Tongatapu. It is situated near the ocean and is a favorite photograph opportunity for many travelers.

The 'Ene'io Botanical Garden is another special place that many people come to. Those who enjoy getting back to nature will appreciate all of the flora that adorns this area.

Booking Your Trip

You can find a cheap Tonga hotel deal by simply looking at different options and considering different times. If you come during the off-peak season, you may be able to get special rates or a major discount. Regardless of when you book your reservations in Tonga, you'll be able to enjoy the welcoming locals and the many attractions in the area. Tonga is consistently rated as one of the top destinations in the South Pacific. When you decide the best time to go and you find the best prices, it's time to start looking forward to your trip.