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Mykonos Vacation Packages

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Mykonos Island Vacation Deals

Build Your Flight + Hotel Bundle & Save Up To $603 On Your Trip

The idyllic beaches and cosmopolitan culture of this Greek island make it a favorite getaway for both families and younger travelers.

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Things to do in Mykonos Island

Mykonos is known for its picturesque villages, family-friendly beaches and local cuisine. While most visitors flock to the island’s lively beach settlements, there are some inland attractions too, including the town of Ano Mera with its 16th-century monastery. 

Swimming, scuba diving and boating are the most popular activities on the island, and there are a number of operators that offer chartered tours and lessons. Ornos Bay is one of the most popular beaches in the region, and is only a few minutes from Mykonos Town by car or bus.

Most visitors choose to stay in and around Mykonos Town, for its cosmopolitan lifestyle. Stroll around the town to see iconic scenes of whitewashed buildings and the pristine waters of the bay. Visit the famous Windmills of Mykonos that tower over the town from the hilltop. The 400-year-old windmills can be seen for miles.

There are plenty of hotels, hostels and holiday apartments in the town, and an array of dining options. As Mykonos is a popular island for younger travelers looking to party, there are also a number of nightclubs and bars. Families with young children may want to stay out of the center, where resorts are quieter and more laid-back.

The island’s idyllic reputation attracts large crowds of tourists, and during the summer months of July and August the population swells. The early peak season between May and June is an ideal time to visit, when the weather is warm and the beaches less crowded. Mykonos’ summers are typically hot and dry, while the winter sees a substantial amount of rainfall.

Many European airlines service the island’s international airport throughout the summer period. There are also a number of boat operators that service Mykonos from the Greek mainland and surrounding islands. On the island it’s easy to visit most of the attractions on foot or by taxi. There is also an affordable and regular bus system, and car, scooter and bicycle rental companies.

Mykonos Hotel Guide

If you have never been to the country of Greece but have always longed to visit, you should contact us here at Expedia for information about deals on top Mykonos Greece hotels. We can help you put together the trip of your dreams - whether you are looking for hotels on the beachhotels in Ornos or family hotels where you can bring your entire crew for a fun vacation in the Greek islands. There are so many things to do for those enjoying Mykonos vacations that you'll end up wanting to book rooms in the best hotels in Mykonos on a regular basis. Some couples and families return to the same Mykonos hotel every year as a part of personal traditions.

Located four kilometers south of the main part of the city, the Mykonos Airport features international flights to Mykonos during the summer months. Those who wish to enjoy vacations in Mykonos hotels during the winter months can easily find other transportation to the city, however. Cheap deals on hotels in Mykonos are frequently available during the off season, and the city is even more delightful during those months when tourist season is not in full swing. 

Visitors to Mykonos resorts during the winter have the opportunity to really get to taste the local flavor of the community. It's also possible to get excellent deals on car rentals and hotels in town no matter what time of year.
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