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Travelhoteltours has amazing deals on Isla Mujeres Vacation Packages. Book your customized Isla Mujeres packages and get exciting deals. Isla Mujeres is a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, 13 kilometers off the coast from Cancún.Those who desire to take a tropical vacation, but prefer to do so away from the maddening crowds should investigate the benefits of booking vacation packages to Isla Mujeres.
Spanish for the "Island of Women," the Isla Mujeres served as the sanctuary to an ancient Mayan goddess for over a thousand years. Ixchel was the goddess of medicine and childbirth, and images of the goddess that were created by ancient Mayans can also be seen on many parts of the island.

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Isla Mujeres Vacation Packages

Although there was a surge in tourism development on the island during the 1970s, much of the tourist activity actually takes place during the daylight hours. Isla Mujeres is accessible by ferry boat from the mainland communities of Gran Puerto and Puerto Juárez, so day trippers make up the majority of the sightseers and the island. After the tour groups leave for the day, visitors who are staying on the island because they've purchased Isla Mujeres vacation packages will enjoy a more relaxed, intimate experience.

Cafes and restaurants on the island routinely serve exquisitely prepared seafood. The main cultural and dining area is located on Hidalgo Street and is easily accessed by local lodging establishments.

Outdoor activities available to those enjoying vacations on Isla Mujeres include scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, and swimming with the dolphins. There is a turtle hatchery on the north end of the island that will leave nature lovers enraptured. The waters off the island are also a popular gathering place for whale-sharks, and viewing tours are available from May through September. Those who want to go fishing can easily arrange to take a trip with one of the local fishermen.

Many visitors love relaxing with a fruity cocktail on North Beach, which runs along the coastline of the northern part of the island. This beach is world renowned for the sheer whiteness of its sand. North Beach is probably the most visited area on the island, though, so if you would like a little more privacy as well as the ideal location to catch the region's stunningly vibrant sunsets, you can visit the nearby beach of Playa Sol.

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