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Grenada Vacation Packages

White sand beaches, mountains, crater lakes and rainforests make Grenada a popular destination for both adventure and relaxation. Grenada is known as the “Spice Island” because it is one of the world’s largest producers of nutmeg. Savor the aromas of spices grown here, including mace, cinnamon and ginger.

An excellent way to discover Grenada’s scenic beauty is by taking some of the island’s many walking trails. Hike through the forest-covered Grand Etang National Park, home to volcanic peaks, a crater lake and the Seven Sisters Waterfall. Picnic by a natural water pool and go tubing along the Balthazar River.

Grenada’s beaches are among its most popular attractions. Rent a car and drive around the island to your favorite spots. For seclusion, head to the black sands of Black Bay Beach on the west coast or the white-sand Lance Aux Epines Beach at the southern tip.

Grand Anse Beach on the western side of the island is a good place for watersports. Most of Grenada's dive sites are within a 10-minute boat ride of this beach. Book a dive or snorkeling trip to explore coral reefs and shipwrecks. See scorpion fish, moray eels, seahorses and octopi. Dive or snorkel to the Underwater Sculpture Park to see dozens of lifelike and life-size statues of people on the seafloor, including a circle of children holding hands.

When you arrive in St George’s, the capital city, stroll along the waterfront Esplanade. Visit its two old defensive structures, Fort George and Fort Frederick. Don’t miss the Saturday morning market at Market Square, where you can buy spices from all over the island.

Elsewhere on Grenada, take a trip north and tour the Belmont Estate. This is a working cocoa plantation that dates back to the 17th century. See where cocoa is harvested and processed, watch how chocolate is made and then taste the delicious end results.

For a day out, take a short ferry trip from Grenada to the nearby sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.