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Culture and History Collections on Expedia!

Culture and History Collections on Expedia, Vacation Packages, Flight and Hotel Deals

Culture and History Collections on Expedia!

Expedia Collections features the best hotels for each travel experience, ranked by guest reviews, value, proximity, and amenities. Because while your needs may change, the desire for an amazing holiday remains.
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History buffs and culture connoisseurs will simply love Expedia’s Cultural Collection. Want to stay in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, close to some of the best museums and theatres? Well look no further.

Stay in Historic Cities All Over the World

With Expedia’s Cultural Collection you’ll find great deals on holidays to some of the world’s best historical and cultural destinations. Find tailor-made packages to see the exquisite architecture of Barcelona and learn about the tragedy of the Spanish Civil War. Book a stay in Normandy and explore the battle-scarred beaches. See for yourself the Forbidden City and learn about one of the world’s oldest civilisations in Beijing. Find a short stay a little closer to home in the natural splendour of Northern England and walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall. The possibilities are truly endless.

All the hotels listed in Expedia’ Cultural Collection are some of the best guest-rated hotels on the Expedia site. Why not book yourself a historic hotel with a story of its own. Perhaps you’ll get to meet some of the hotel’s other guests… the ones that only come out at night.

Choose Your Cultural Experience

Our culture holidays are sure to put you in the best location to explore the city’s cultural gems. Whether you want to learn about the city’s history and be close to the museums or want a weekend of music with a hotel near the opera house, you’re sure to find a package to suit. We’ve also got packages to suit all budgets, meaning you can save on travel and accommodation and spend on cultural experiences instead.

The Right Cultural Holiday for You

Remember, we’re always adding to our list of cultural holiday deals. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for right now make sure you keep checking back. Your ideal culture holiday could be listed at any minute.

All our culture holidays provide great value and come highly recommended by our guests. To get a little inspiration, check out our carefully selected cultural holiday deals above. Select a culture trip to remember.